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About Us Diamond Advisory is a Risk and Resilience management firm founded by Paul Reither, a former Head of Group Security and Resilience.

We provide strategic advice to executive and corporate management and are specialized in finding solutions for complex problems, support with difficult decisions and apply innovative strategies in Business Risk- and Resilience Management.

Our practical and proven solutions are with a focus on strategic Security and Resilience Advisory, Crisis Management, Business Continuity Planning and Cyber Security convergence and technologies.

Our geographic focus is Europe, Central Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Asia.
Our Partners
We work in association with a trusted global network of affiliated companies and experts in risk management, business continuity, crisis management, cyber security, technologies and provider of security and resilience management tools and software solutions.

Our partners work independently and have a diverse background from intelligence services, military, law enforcement and business administration.
Paul Reither
Paul Paul Reither is the founder and CEO of Diamond Advisory.
Paul has a Master degree from the University of Economics and Business, Vienna.

He has a 30-year versatile career accumulating a combined experience as an executive in the consultancy industry, security services industry and corporate security as the former Head of Group Security and Resilience with a major oil/gas company. He worked in volatile environments, dealt with critical situations and found innovative solutions for complex problems. Paul has a global reach of peers, law enforcement, intelligence community, authorities, institutions and international organizations and from his corporate role as a buyer has an excellent overview on security provider and solutions. He is a well sought speaker at conferences and with international organizations.

He is a former member and Vice Chairman of the Security Committee of the International Oil Gas Producer Association (IOGP International). Member and former Chairman of ASIS International Chapter Germany and Austria.
Philosophy We are a business enabler. Our solutions are risk based and intelligence led. We take a holistic approach to the company’s risk and objectives, considering the sustainability and relative relevance of all risks of an organization.

Our solutions are based on experience, proven and applicable.
We strive for innovative and unconventional solutions for complex business challenges.

We act as a gateway to a global network of security and resilience experts, intelligence community, practitioners and technologies providers. This allows us to find a solution to almost any problem in less time and with less effort.

We seek for performance, not compliance. We believe that good risk management will automatically lead to compliance (but not necessarily the other way around).

As a former security director, it goes without saying that we apply the highest standards of confidentiality and trust.
Services We enable companies to operate in an increasingly more complex and volatile world with risk mitigation that is fit for purpose, appropriate and cost effective.

We support them to build organizational resilience to be prepared in situations beyond business as usual. They will have the capability to minimize the impact and sustain even the most unlikely events.



Corporate Advisory
We provide strategic advice to executive and corporate management and are specialized in finding solutions for complex problems, support with difficult decisions and apply innovative strategies in Business Risk- and Resilience Management.

Security and Resilience Risk Management System
Develop, review, advise on Security policies, standards, operational risk integration, security and resilience organization, country entries and exits, selection of provider and finding technical solutions or software for intelligence, risk assessment, pre-employment screening, physical protection, critical infrastructure protection and travel risk management.

Temporary Management
We can deliver corporate security and resilience solutions in a very efficient and time saving way also by developing the in-house capability or bridge a gap for a period of time.
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment
We can help with developing or refining security risk methodologies, the integration with operational risks and enterprise wide risk management. We can help with the implementation of group wide risk assessment processes and methodologies and software platforms. Our approach is intelligence lead, e.g. the basis for security mitigation is a clear understanding of threats (intentions and capabilities) which together with attractiveness, vulnerabilities and consequences determine the level of risk.

We can perform cost benefit analysis to support decision making and selection of the appropriate measures, so the invested money is used most effectively. The tools we use have a complex risk reduction logic built from our combined experience and knowledge, however making the process for the user simple enough, so even non-security experts can perform these assessments.

This approach will allow companies to have oversight of security risks across all sites, businesses and geographic regions so it can be managed with increased productivity and less cost.
Business Resilience

Crisis Management
Why want to wait until disaster strikes ? Everyone who has been there will agree it is better to be prepared in advance. We help the business to develop leadership, frameworks and plans to be best prepared for situations beyond business as usual.
This includs development or review of documentation and rehearsal of crisis management - and business continuity teams.

Business Continuity
In today’s complex world the business supply chain is increasingly exposed and business interruptions can occur for many reasons. We look at the potential scenarios from such rare events and how they impact the value chain, financial capabilities and market position.

So regardless of the reason, we will help companies to survive any disruption and minimize the loss of business to acceptable levels. Business Continuity Planning can be an endless effort. We have developed a methodology - based on practical experience - to achieve business resilience with less time and effort.
Cyber Security

Holistic approach and technology driven solutions
We take a holistic look into the organizational resilience, embedding IT-, OT security, cyber, information security and protective security in an overall converged approach to risk management, so the chances of a threat “falling between the cracks” can be avoided and the investments are protected.

Our threat-based, performance driven approach will counter threats from adversaries directly targeting company’s physical assets, information, Operations Technology and Information Technology systems by using machine learning cyber defense technologies and threat intelligence counter measures.

For the protection against random threats from cyber space, where adversaries are exploiting IT/OT system vulnerabilities, we can help to find the most advanced technologies for baseline security measures.

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